Neuigkeiten über die Künstler und Veranstaltungen

Die Fotoarbeiten von SHIFT-Fotograf Hugo Thomassen sind auf der biennalen Ausstellung Personal Structures im Palazzo Mora in Venedig zu sehen.

"It is not the play of light that intrigues Thomassen, but the richness of shadow. In actual fact, the bottle has been constructed down in minute detail. Although the associations may suggest coincidence, the composition itself makes no such assumption. It is rich in its simplicity. Each line is deliberate, considered. The photograph distils the bottle to its purest form. It lays bare its essence. In a sense, the photographic image is attempting to transcend the flatness of the paper."
Hugo Thomassen Venedig Venice
bis 27.11.2022
Palazzo Mora
Cannaregio 3659
30121 Venezia